What charges apply for using this service?

Can I top up and withdraw funds into any currency?

We will charge you a fee when you top up or withdraw funds.

  • For withdrawals: you will be charged 8% transfer fee of the amount withdrawn.
  • For topping up: you will be charged a 9% conversion fee of the amount topped up. Regular Mobile Money, WeChat, M-PESA charges apply to all other transactions (Mobile Money, WeChat, M-PESA will charge you a customer to business charge as detailed in the per the specific mobile banking company.

With PayPal, you can top up and withdraw funds in USD only. You will need to convert those funds into USD if you wish to withdraw the PayPal balance to your Mobile Money, WeChat, MPESA etc. account. To convert the funds, go to your “Manage Currencies” section in your PayPal account.

Where can I see the exchange rate that applies on my transactions?

  • For withdrawals and top ups: the exchange rate will appear before confirming the transaction.

How do I know when the funds have been credited to my account?

Can I cancel a transaction I've made?

You will receive a confirmation text from Global Mobile Money and an email from PayPal. You can also check the status of the transaction in the Transaction History page.

Unfortunately, once you’ve confirmed a top up or withdrawal, you won’t be able to stop or reverse it. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information.

How do I look for previous transactions?

Go to the page Transaction History or log in to your PayPal account.